Welcome to Drew Ross Ski Academy

This is the official website of Drew Ross and his world-renowned training center in Orlando, FL.

Drew believes that good slalom technique, like a well-honed golf swing, is not only the product of years of careful attention and devotion. It is unmistaken in the eyes of others, and a source of tremendous envy.

At Drew's, we aim to instill in our clients a superior, yet simplistic understanding of this incredibly complex event. A keen eye of scrutiny has allowed Drew to re-evaluate the traditional norms of skiing and instruction, and has culminated in Drew's innovative approach in both equipment and technical aspects. With what WaterSki Magazine has called "some of the finest conditions on the planet," Drew offers slalom skiers the opportunity to truly optimize their progress, and ultimately enjoyment of the sport.

Drew would like to thank his sponsors for the continued support throughout his career as a professional water skier.